Working in residential and nursing care homes

Unfortunately, the consequences of a severe acquired neurological illness can mean that sufferers are no longer able to live within the family home or live independently. In these circumstances, placement in a residential home can be the only safe and viable option. Moving into residential care is one of the most important and life-changing decisions that people and their families ever make. Making a residential placement into a home is an ever present and continual challenge.

We have longstanding expertise in working within residential and nursing care environments. We offer the following services:

  • individual neuropsychological work with clients but based within the residential home (including neuropsychological assessment and psychological therapy)
  • mental capacity assessments
  • care needs reviews
  • support for families
  • behavioural assessment and intervention
  • staff training
  • staff supervision

We are extremely proud of our psychologically informed welfare programmes, which seek to enrich environments and maximise the psychological well-being of residents within 24-hour care homes. This can include:

  • sensitively redecorating/reorganising living accommodation according to the client (or family/advocate)’s wishes or known preferences
  • ensuring clients, families and carers have easy access to familiar and comforting objects and information (eg photobooks and photoboards with life story information)
  • providing individualised aids to help with orientation and memory problems
  • providing a psychologically informed visiting service for clients

For an informal discussion about your residential care needs, please contact Helen or Gavin.